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Transmission Repair Shop

Our ASE Master Certified Mechanics service both foreign and domestic transmissions, standard or automatic, for all types of cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans.

We are factory trained specialists for Honda, Ford, Subaru and many other makes of vehicles. Our factory training means you can rely on us to service and repair your vehicle to the highest manufacturer standards. We will solve your auto problems, or help you prevent them!

Transmission Services


4×4 Transmission Repair

4×4 transmissions can be more complex than standard transmissions, and require the right expertise to repair, rebuild, or replace them. If you’re experiencing a burning smell, a strange noise, slipping gears, or leaking fluid, your all-wheel drive transmissions may need to be inspected for damage. 

Automatic Transmissions

Your automatic transmission is an extremely complicated part of your vehicle. Here at Uncle Al’s Auto Repair, we specialize in transmission repair, so you’re putting your car in good hands! Our experience and diagnostic training make Uncle Al’s the top choice for automatic transmission repair.


CVT transmissions rely on a system of pulleys, rather than gears, to propel the transmission system. They are drastically different from other automatic transmissions, and require experienced mechanics for repair and installation. Uncle Al’s can perform all services for CVT transmissions.

Diesel Transmissions

These transmissions aren’t technically very different from transmissions found in gas cars–but the vehicles that use diesel transmissions can be very different. Diesel engines are typically used in larger trucks, and they require heavier duty components, including the torque converter. 

Differential Repair & Rebuild

The differential is a series of gears that control your wheels. Differentials allow the wheels on the outside to travel faster than the inside wheels while turning your car. If your car is having a hard time turning correctly, or if it vibrates during a turn, you may need work done on your differential.

Heavy Duty Transmissions

While the components may be similar to other transmission types, heavy duty transmissions are made to handle more coolant and more heat. Made out of high-strength steel, these transmissions should only be worked on expert mechanics like the ones at Uncle Al’s Automotive Services.

High Performance Transmissions

Transmissions can be complicated mechanisms. Sometimes all a high performance transmission needs is a small adjustment or a new component. At Uncle Al’s Auto Repair, our technicians perform thorough diagnostic tests, repairs, rebuilds, and replacements for high performance transmissions. 

Manual Transmissions

Less common than automatics, manual transmissions need specialized and experienced mechanics. No matter if you drive an import or a domestic, the expert mechanics at Uncle Al’s Automotive Service can skillfully repair, rebuild, and replace your manual transmission. 

Racing Transmissions

Because of the extreme speed and heat they endure, racing transmissions require care and attention to detail to ensure the safety of their drivers. We can perform all types of racing transmission repair–bring your favorite car into Uncle Al’s today!

Rebuilt Transmissions

Rebuilt transmissions are a great alternative to replacing your entire transmission with a new one. Uncle Al’s Automotive Service will diagnose, take your transmission apart, replace each component with a new part, and give your transmission a new life!

Transfer Case Repair

Acting in tandem with your transmission, transfer cases channel the energy produced by your engine toward the wheels of your vehicle. If your transfer case needs repair, your car will shift reluctantly, causing a noticeable difference in drivability.

Transmission Cooler Installation

If your car or truck tows a large object frequently, you may need a transmission cooler. These components can help your transmission stay cool, extending its life and increasing your vehicle’s performance.

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Transmission Repair Specialists in Gladstone OR

Transmission Repair Specialists

Uncle Al’s Automotive has ASE Master Certified Technicians available to service the transmission repair, inspection, diagnosis and rebuild needs of our neighbors. We offer comprehensive transmission services for both manual and automatic vehicles, while always providing a 2 year or 24,000 mile warranty on all transmission services rendered. Contact us now to make an appointment today!

Prior to our technicians performing any repairs, you can expect the following:

  • Diagnose your vehicles problem at no charge.
  • Contact you with a detailed assessment and repair cost estimate.
  • Wait for your authorization.
  • Give you an approximate completion date and time.
  • Keep you updated on your vehicles repair when necessary.

“I love this shop! Very honest, fair price, friendly staff. It’s nice to have a mechanic I can call just for advice, or stop by without an appointment. I’ll never go anywhere else.”

– Rachel Ross

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