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Auto Repair

If you’re looking for a quality auto repair shop, you’ve come to the right place! At Uncle Al’s Automotive Service, we are committed to providing the best auto repair and service. We back everything we do with a service guarantee that we don’t charge extra for. Our customers can trust that we will always be honest about the repairs needed for their vehicles. We stand behind our work, 100%. We guarantee it in writing!

Auto Repair Services


Auto AC Service

The mechanics at Uncle Al’s can expertly repair your faulty AC system. Typical repairs on auto AC are replacements of seals, hoses, condensers, valves, evaporators, compressors, and blower motors. If you feel your auto AC may need to be serviced, recharged, or repaired give us a call to speak to a technician!

Fuel System Service

When you start or drive your car, do you smell gasoline? Bring your car in for a complimentary, no obligation fuel system and injector inspection! If your car is several years old, or if you have high mileage, a fuel line inspection is a great idea too. Come into Uncle Al’s, and we’ll take care of you!

Power Steering Repair

When you start to feel your car pulling to one side, or resistance when turning the wheel, there’s a good chance you need your power steering serviced. If your car feels “off”, drop by for a visit, and an expert mechanic can help solve your power steering repair and suspension needs!

Radiator Repair

Is your car overheating? It may be the radiator! It’s important to shut of your engine as soon as possible, and take your car into Uncle Al’s. Radiator malfunctions can cause serious problems in any vehicle. When your car is in our hands, we’ll accurately diagnose and fix any radiator repair!

Alternator Repair

Are you experiencing erratic electrical problems with your car? This could include headlights dimming at strange times, powered windows not working correctly, whining noises from your engine, or even a burning smell. If you suspect you need a new alternator, contact Uncle Al’s!

Auto Electrical Repair

Your car’s electrical system runs your battery, starter, and alternator. These are all vital functions, and without them, your car won’t start! If you see any signs that your car isn’t starting or it’s struggling to start, bring your car into Uncle Al’s for an electrical system inspection!

Car Battery Replacement

If your car won’t start, has trouble starting in the cold, or if there’s visible corrosion on your battery, it probably needs to be replaced. Don’t wait until you’re stranded in a parking lot–take your car into Uncle Al’s Automotive Services for a complimentary inspection!

Starter Replacement

Typically, starters go bad because of age and mileage. Internal corrosion, rust,  broken gears, and melted terminals can all contribute to a bad starter. Because so many factors can be involved, it’s best to bring your car to Uncle Al’s–we specialize in starter replacements!

Alternator and Electrical Repair and Auto Battery Replacement in Gladstone OR

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Belt and Hose Replacement

There are multiple hoses that run through the engine, and a damaged hose can cause a lot of issues. Hoses are required for radiators, air conditioning, and other components. You may have leaks or see steam coming from under the hood. Bring your car into Uncle Al’s to have the hoses checked.

Fan Belt Replacement

Fan and serpentine belts are responsible for assisting the water pump, power steering, alternator, and air conditioning units. You may have a broken belt if your engine is overheating, if check engine lights come on, or if you see steam. Contact Uncle Al’s, and bring your car in for an inspection!

Timing Belt Replacement

Timing belts are responsible for the seamless integration of all of your engine’s parts. We install timing belts and chains on all makes and models, including foreign and domestic. Contact us today, and bring your car into Uncle Al’s for a timing belt inspection, repair, or installation!

Water Pump Replacement

Your vehicle’s water pump keeps your engine at the appropriate temperature, preventing it from overheating by dispersing coolant or antifreeze through the engine. Without a water pump, your car would not be able to function, and lack of coolant can cause serious damage.

Axle Repair

If you notice noise, clunking, or unusual vibrating coming from your car, it could be a sign that your axle needs to be replaced or serviced. If you’re suspicious you might need your axle repaired please contact us at Uncle Al’s Automotive Services today, so we can schedule a thorough inspection!

Brake Repair

Everyone knows how important functioning brakes are. There are a few signs your brakes need to be looked at, including squealing, grabbing, and grinding. Bring your car in for a complimentary brake inspection! We can provide you with a no-obligation quote, and make sure your vehicle is safe to drive. 

CV Joint & CV Boot Replacement

All vehicles need their CV joints replaced. You may notice vibrating or strange noises when you accelerate. While there can be a number of issues that cause the same signs, it may be the CV joint. Come on in for an inspection!

Shocks and Struts Replacement

Shocks and struts will typically need to be replaced between 50,000 and 80,000 miles. Having regular inspections for your struts will help your car last longer and handle better. If your car’s handling feels strange, come into Uncle Al’s!

Auto Diagnostics Services and Auto Tune Ups in Gladstone OR

Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Every manufacturer has their own specific schedule for engine maintenance, and you can typically find this in your vehicle’s manual. Scheduled maintenance includes everything from oil changes to spark plug replacements. 

Pre Purchase Inspections

Buying a new car can involve a lot of details, but the most important one is the condition of the car itself! Uncle Al’s offer comprehensive pre-purchase inspections so you can have complete confidence in your new vehicle. 

Regular Oil Changes

Your engine needs oil to stay lubricated. Without oil, your engine can seize and total your car. When oil circulates through the engine, it can pick up dirt, debris, and other particles that slowly corrupt the oil over time. 

Auto Diagnostic Services

Check engine lights can be scary, but they can also have a multitude of explanations. A check engine light needs to be diagnosed with proper equipment. Come into Uncle Al’s, where we’ll properly diagnose your check engine light!

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Emissions Repair Shop

Uncle Al’s is a qualified and certified emissions repair facility. All of our methods and products are up to DEQ standards, and we can provide you with the necessary servicing and parts your car needs. Pass your next emissions test with Uncle Al’s!

Engine Replacement

Sometimes even the best engine fails, especially with age or damage. If you see warning lights, feel the vehicle jerking, hear loud noises, or even see smoke coming from the hood of the car, you may need an engine replacement. 

Head Gasket Replacement

Head gaskets need to be intact in order for your engine to run properly. If you’re seeing smoke from your tailpipe or if your car is overheating, bring your car into Uncle Al’s. We can properly inspect and diagnose the issue. 

Clutch Replacement

Clutches are critical components of vehicles with manual transmissions. If you think you might need a new clutch, come into Uncle Al’s for a complimentary clutch inspection! We can diagnose, repair, and replace all clutches.

Fleet Maintenance Service

Performing regular maintenance on your fleet will save you a lot of money in the long run. With over 30 years of experience with fleet maintenance, we’re your local source for reliable repair!

Diesel Engine Repair Service

Diesel engines are different from gasoline-powered vehicles in a number of ways. From higher compression ratios to glow plugs, your diesel engine needs an experienced and certified mechanic like Uncle Al’s!

Auto Tune Up

Regular tune ups can save you money in the long run. Tune ups can improve fuel economy, engine performance, and the longevity of your vehicle. Tune ups are only as good as the mechanic performing them, so come down to Uncle Al’s! Our mechanics provide the best care possible. 

RV Repair Service

Keep your RV on the road with uncle Al’s RV Repair Service! We can work on any kind of RV, including motorcycles, ATVS, and motor homes. We provide written guarantees!

Auto Filter Replacement

Both air and fuel filters need to be replaced at regular intervals, to prevent damage to your engine. Replacing filters regularly can also improve the performance of your vehicle! Contact Uncle Al’s today for your filter replacement. 

Rv Repair Specialists in Gladstone OR
ASE Certified Auto Repair Specialists | Uncle Als's Automotive Services Gladstone OR

Auto Repair Specialists

Thanks to ASE certification program, everybody wins: car owners can easily find ASE Certified Technicians who have proven themselves to be knowledgeable professionals and repair shops can get additional market visibility. ASE certification promotes excellence in automotive repair and service. More than 330,000 Automotive Technicians hold ASE Certifications in one or more ASE study areas.

You can expect a high quality job done right the first time. We have been serving the area since 2000, and combine old fashioned service with modern technology to perform even the most complex auto repairs. We employ the best technicians with loads of experience, credentials, and training to work on your vehicle. This combined with quality parts ensures that we deliver only the best results. For more information on the auto repair services we provide, contact us to make an appointment, or stop by during business hours!


“I love this shop! Very honest, fair price, friendly staff. It’s nice to have a mechanic I can call just for advice, or stop by without an appointment. I’ll never go anywhere else.”

– Rachel Ross

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