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5 Stars

February 28, 2020 by ichael Anderson on Uncle Al's Automotive Services

Al and his team do great work for a fair price. Our family has used their services for years.

5 Stars

February 27, 2020 by Kozmo617 on Uncle Al's Automotive Services

Had a quick problem with filling my transmission fluid (didn’t have a long enough funnel) and they filled it for free, I still left them $20 because how how badly I needed it. Polite and nice, I have zero complaints.

5 Stars

December 17, 2019 by Amy Schroeter on Uncle Al's Automotive Services

I Would Highly Recommend This Shop To Anyone!

5 Stars

November 17, 2019 by Darien V on Uncle Al's Automotive Services

Uncle Al's is the best! They fixed my 2006 Ford Fusion that day for over a year. We couldn't get it running and he got it ready to go in less than a week! They have very fair prices and everyone is super nice and funny. I would highly recommend this shop to anyone! (I think the people who left negative reviews are either liars or negative people lol)

HIGHLY Recommend!

5 Stars

October 12, 2019 by Kay Kay on Uncle Al's Automotive Services

The last honest automotive shop in Portland metro! I've taken my last 3 vehicles (Honda, Chrysler, and Subaru) here over a 6yr period and Alan has always been honest and fair with repairs and pricing. HIGHLY recommend!

5 Stars

September 10, 2019 by Rebecca Gorton on Uncle Al's Automotive Services

Great people and excellent customer service

Great Service

5 Stars

August 20, 2019 by David Urban on Uncle Al's Automotive Services

Super knowledgeable, fast, reasonably priced. Never going back to the dealership.

5 Stars

May 11, 2019 by Josh W on Uncle Al's Automotive Services

Huge shout out to to Alan and the guys at Uncle Al's Automotive. I was 4 hours away broke down at UTV takeover. Shot Alan a message over Facebook just simply asking questions. Not only did he have the parts I needed, he also went out of his way to find a way to get them to me, and sent a puller with so I could fix my machine. Without these guys I'd be sitting in camp all week. Outstanding customer service and one hell of a guy to loan out tools to a complete stranger 4 hours away.

Very Friendly, Professional And Fast!!!

5 Stars

April 10, 2019 by Eric Jensen on Uncle Al's Automotive Services

I just stopped by to get my car serviced. I like the fact that the guys were very friendly, professional and fast!!!

Very Happy With My Repairs

5 Stars

March 22, 2019 by Matthew Johnson on Uncle Al's Automotive Services

Very happy with my repairs, my car (Hyundai) runs great and they were very accommodating!


5 Stars

August 8, 2018 by Roger L on Uncle Al's Automotive Services

I've been going to Al's Auto for my car issues for nearly a decade. Al is the real deal. He is customer centric and a car guru. I can always depend on Al to shoot me straight (good bad ugly) and provide the right solution at a fair price. I Highly Recommend UNCLE ALS AUTO REPAIRS!

Uncle Al’s is My Go-To!

5 Stars

July 28, 2018 by Wesley Homan on Uncle Al's Automotive Services

Got a quote from my car dealer and they said it would cost $1300 and the problem may not be solved. A friend told us about Uncle Al’s and we took our car up there and they fixed it for $250. This is now my go-to place for automotive help. -Wes

Thank You

5 Stars

July 18, 2018 by Calvin Dickhaut on Uncle Al's Automotive Services

We were 2000 miles from home and had a problem with our truck. Found this shop using a Google search for repair service close to us. They looked at it and fixed it the same day, working after hours to finish the job. We can't tell you how appreciative we are of their manner and caring of strangers. Thank you! I

Great Service!!

5 Stars

May 29, 2018 by Janet Murphy on Uncle Al's Automotive Services

Great service.

High Quality Work, Reasonable Prices

5 Stars

April 25, 2018 by Katie A on Uncle Al's Automotive Services

We have been using Uncle Al's for years. I always trust them to do high quality work at a reasonable price. I feel confident that I am paying a fair cost for the worn being done. They give excellent estimates on how long the work will take. And most importantly my car is returned in great shape. They even helped in a pinch when I needed to pass DEQ. Won't go anywhere else to have work done on our cars.

My 4-Runner is running great!

5 Stars

October 16, 2017 by Daniel F. on Uncle Al's Automotive Services

My son blew the engine in his 1994 Toyota 4-Runner. We searched for a couple of months for a replacement engine, but none were available. Finally, Al suggested converting the 4-Runner to accept a Tundra engine. These guys are spot on and knowledgeable. My 4-Runner is running great!

Five Stars for Uncle Al’s

5 Stars

September 19, 2017 by Todd Forsman on Uncle Al's Automotive Services


I Love this Shop!

5 Stars

June 17, 2017 by Rachel Ross on Uncle Al's Automotive Services

I love this shop! Very honest, fair price, friendly staff. It's nice to have a mechanic I can call just for advice, or stop by without an appointment. I'll never go anywhere else.

Al’s A Really Awesome Guy

5 Stars

October 28, 2016 by Hunter Leiker on Uncle Al's Automotive Services

Al is a true samaritan! We had popped our tire on the side of the road and needed help. It was really late at night and Al saw us in distress and on his own free time stopped and helped us put on our spare. He truly did save our day and did it out of the kindness in his heart. If I am ever In that part of Oregon again I would definitely use him for any car services! Really awesome guy!

Good Samaritan

5 Stars

October 28, 2016 by Emmett Austoney on Uncle Al's Automotive Services

What a great samaritan helped changed our tire in the middle of the night on our way from Utah to Bellingham saved the day I highly recommend Als auto repair shop.
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