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Modern cars and truck engines are highly efficient, producing enormous amounts of power and torque per cubic inch. Transferring this power to the road safely and reliably requires advanced transmissions capable of operating under the most grueling of conditions, and keeping these transmissions working properly year in and year out calls for technicians who are familiar with the very latest in automotive technology.

The transmission maintenance and repair specialists at Uncle Al’s Auto Repair are ASE certified, which means that they have the experience and knowledge needed to work on even the most advanced manual, automatic, and semi-automatic systems. Uncle Al’s Auto Repair has been providing car and truck owners in Clackamas County with quality and reliable service for two decades.

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ASE Certified High Performance Transmission Repair

Uncle Al’s transmission repair specialists are retested every three to five years to maintain their ASE certifications, and to ensure that they are up-to-date with the latest developments in high performance transmission repair.

A seemingly serious transmission problem can sometimes be remedied with a simple adjustment or by replacing an inexpensive part. At Uncle Al’s Auto Repair, our technicians perform thorough diagnostic tests before any work begins to prevent our customers from paying for unneeded repairs.

Vehicles With High Performance Transmissions

Seeking out a high performance transmission repair shop staffed with ASE certified technicians for your transmission service and repair work may be wise if you drive one of the following types of vehicle:

  • Sports cars: Even affordable sports cars today produce more power than the exotics of just a few decades ago, and their transmission should be checked and serviced regularly to keep them running at their best.
  • Classic cars: Uncle Al’s Auto Repair has the knowhow and expertise to work on classic car transmissions ranging from 1960s muscle cars to European exotica.
  • Racing cars: Racing places huge stresses on transmission components, and a missed gear or slipping clutch can be the difference between winning and failing to finish.
  • Large pickup trucks or SUVs: Truck and SUV transmissions are designed to handle enormous amounts of torque and last for hundreds of thousands of miles. If you have noticed a strange smell or noise coming from your truck or SUV transmission, a timely repair performed by an experienced and qualified mechanic could prevent a more serious problem developing and avoid a costly rebuild.

Choose Uncle Al’s for Your High Performance Transmission Repair

If you drive a high performance vehicle, you deserve a service and repair facility that understands the workload your transmission handles, and what it takes to keep it performing like new. Uncle Al’s Auto Repair has been working on performance transmissions since 2000, and we have forged our reputation by offering our customers an unbeatable combination of experience, value, and service.

Vehicle owners deserve to be treated with respect. At Uncle Al’s Auto repair, we perform a diagnostic check at no charge, provide detailed assessments and estimates, only begin work after you provide authorization and keep you up-to-date as repairs progress.

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