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To the untrained eye, commercial truck transmissions may look like larger versions of car, pickup truck, or SUV transmissions, but they are very different on the inside. While the components may be similar, heavy duty transmissions are made to handle much higher stress levels, due to the enormous amount of torque put out by commercial vehicle engines. Dealing with this level of power generates a lot of heat, which is why the valve bodies fitted to heavy duty transmissions are designed to handle more coolant, and their input shafts are larger and made out of tough high-strength steel.

Uncle Al’s Automotive Services has been providing commercial vehicle operators with quality transmission maintenance, rebuilding, and repair services for two decades, and our ASE certified technicians understand how important getting your trucks back on the road quickly and in good working order is to you.


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Heavy Duty Transmissions Services

Uncle Al’s Automotive Services offers a range of heavy duty transmission repair services for customers who demand more from their vehicles. These services include:

  • Maintenance, rebuild, and repair: Our ASE certified technicians are regularly retested to ensure that they understand and are capable of servicing even the latest and most sophisticated heavy duty transmissions. They also know that your trucks don’t make any money for you unless they are on the road, and they are trained to identify and remedy small transmission issues before they turn into major problems and expensive repairs.
  • Regular transmission upgrades: Many of the heavy duty components fitted to truck transmissions are also available for regular transmissions. You may wish to consider upgrading your transmission components if you haul or tow heavy loads on a regular basis. This could be especially prudent in Oregon and Washington, with steep hills and unpredictable weather. We can also fit auxiliary transmission coolers to cars, SUVs, and pickup trucks.
  • New heavy duty transmissions: With two decades of heavy duty transmission repair experience, the ASE certified technicians at Uncle Al’s Automotive Services can help you to choose the right transmission by analyzing the loads your truck carries and the amount of torque its engine produces. We can also install heavy duty torque converters and other components to upgrade truck transmissions when your needs change and more robust performance is required.

Choose Uncle Al’s for Your Heavy Duty Transmission Service

Waiting for parts and repair delays can be inconvenient and frustrating for passenger vehicle owners, but they can be ruinous for fleet operators who rely on their trucks. We understand this at Uncle Al’s Automotive Services, and our top priority is fixing your truck right the first time and getting it back into service quickly. The reasons you may wish to consider using Uncle Al’s as your heavy duty transmission repair shop include:

  • Maintenance plans: We work with you to develop an affordable and proactive maintenance schedule to save you money and avoid unnecessary repairs and avoidable downtime.
  • Straightforward billing: We provide you with detailed invoices that clearly show the work performed on each vehicle and the parts used to effect repairs.
  • Monthly reports: We offer fleet operators monthly reports so they can make informed maintenance and repair decisions. With our reports, you will know which jobs should be performed right away and when major work will be required.
  • Written warranties: At Uncle Al’s Automotive Services, our heavy duty transmission repair work is backed up by a comprehensive written warranty.

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