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CV Joint Replacement and CV Boot Replacement in Glasdstone OR by Uncle Al's Auto Repair.

Front-wheel drive and AWD cars have axles that connect the transmission to the wheels. An essential part of this system is the CV joints. When these CV joints go bad you may begin to experience tire edge grease and bumpy driving and if you don’t replace them, eventually your car will be undrivable.

If you believe your car needs new CV joints, contact Uncle Al’s Auto Repair. We’re leading experts in CV joint replacement and CV boot replacement in the West Linn and Milwaukie area. Best of all, we provide free estimates!

What is a CV Joint in a Car?

Constant velocity joints or CV joints are vital components of your vehicle’s daily operation. The CV Joint is a part of the drive shaft that attaches to your transmission. CV joints and axles are important for your vehicle because the two components work together to foster steering stability and to sustain the performance of your vehicle’s suspension. Having properly functioning suspension and reliable steering stability are critical while accelerating, turning, and just simply driving down the road.

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What Does a CV Boot do?

The CV boot is greased to protect the CV joint while it moves. You will likely need to replace your CV boot before the CV joint because the rubber and plastic tend to degrade over time. If your boot is damaged it cannot protect your CV joint as it was designed to do. By not maintaining your CV boot you could end up with more damage and costs.

What are the Signs of a Bad CV Joint?

  • Clicking sounds when turning or parking
  • Tire edge grease: this means the CV boot is damaged, it keeps the CV joint lubricated
  • Bumpy driving: if you’re on a flat, smooth road and experiencing a bumpy drive, you likely have a bad CV joint
  • Vibrations: if the faster you drive, the more vibrations you feel, it’s likely a bad CV joint

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, stop by Uncle Al’s. We’ll inspect your vehicle, diagnose the problem, and provide you with an estimate prior to making any repairs.

How Much do CV Joints Cost?

A single CV joint on average runs between $90 and $200 without labor, but it all depends on the make and model of your car and how difficult the job is. You’ll want to contact us for a more accurate estimate.

Also, if you’re replacing one faulty CV joint, it’s more cost-effective to have them both replaced in addition to adding new CV boots, especially if you have car with a significant amount of mileage. If you’ve driven for quite awhile with bad CV joints, your axle may also need replacing.

How much does a CV Boot Replacement cost?

CV boot replacement can run anywhere between $50 and $300, depending on the make and model of your vehicle. If your CV joints are still in good working condition, simply replacing your CV boots is a good option.

Experts in CV Joint Replacement

Your vehicle will need its CV joints replaced over time so if you notice your car vibrating as you accelerate or strange noises when you drive, you might need your CV joint replaced. Here at Uncle Al’s Auto Repair, we have expert mechanics who will inspect your CV joints and CV boots, make any needed repairs, and get you safely back on the road. Contact us today for your CV joint replacement or CV boot replacement services. We provide free estimates!

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