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Brake Replacement and Installation in Gladstone ORHaving properly functioning brakes is essential to ensure safety when operating a motor vehicle. Here at Uncle Al’s Auto Service and Car repair, we provide only the best in quality brake repair service. Depending on your needs, we provide both brake replacement and repair. We offer our services at an extremely competitive rate, and take pride in the excellent work we deliver.

When Do I Need A Brake Inspection?

Whenever your brakes start to squeal, grab or grind we welcome you to bring your car in for a complimentary brake inspection. Upon inspection, we will provide you with a no obligation quote and explain exactly what is needed to ensure your brakes are in tip top shape. We realize that brake systems can be difficult to understand, so please do not hesitate to ask for more information about what services are needed for your vehicle.

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How Much Does Brake Inspection Cost?

To ensure your brakes are operating the way they should on a day to day basis, routine inspection is a must. The most common brake service we provide is the replacing of brake pads. This service tends to be the least inexpensive. Brake service costs tend to increase when the brake pads have been worn down so low that the metal beneath the brakes begin to rub against your rotors. Neglecting regular service is not only unsafe, but will usually cost you substantially more in the long run.

How Brakes Work

When you decide to press down on your brake pedal, brake fluid is sent from the master cylinder, which is located under the hood of your vehicle, through brake fluid hoses down to your brake calipers, which are attached to your rotors. The force of the brake fluid being delivered to the calipers, which house your brake pads, causes the caliper to squeeze the brake pads against the spinning rotor. The result is friction which slows the vehicle. Some vehicles are equipped with drum brakes in the rear. When the brake pedal is pushed, a piston pushes the brakes shoes against the brake drum causing the same result, friction which slows the vehicle. With repeated use, and exposure to extreme heat, over several thousand miles, all these components get dirty, worn and need inspection and periodic replacement to ensure continued safe operation.

How Our Brake Jobs Are Different

We only do complete and safe brake replacement, read below to see how we are different, and compare our services with the so called low price brake replacement shops.
  • BRAKE INSPECTION TEST DRIVE – If necessary we will take your vehicle for a test ride to accurately identify any brake problem you may have.  Most brake repair shops will not do this with a normal brake replacement job.
  • COMPLETE BRAKE INSPECTION – Thoroughly check all four brakes by placing your vehicle on a rack to give us the best vantage of your complete brake system.  All problems are documented and we will advise you on the best course of action, explaining everything in detail.
  • FREE BRAKE SERVICE ESTIMATES – We will provide you a free written estimate for any repairs to your vehicle.  Uncle Al’s Auto Repair Services will stick to that estimate, unless otherwise approved by you.
  • BRAKE ROTORS AND DRUMS ARE MEASURED AND CHECKED – Thickness and variation of all brake rotors and drums are carefully measured. Warping and normal wear can cause vibrations, pulsating, squeaks, squeals and even sometimes jerking when the brakes are applied.  If rotors need to be resurfaced or replaced, we will let you know at time of inspection.  The rotor cooling fins, are cleaned to ensures your brakes can dissipate heat as they were originally designed.  This is another Uncle Al’s service you won’t find at other brake shops.
  • WHEEL HUBS CLEANED – Dirt, brake dust and rust build-up is removed from the hub and the hardware replaced. Not properly cleaning the hub can cause lateral run out. (See next step) Again, this is a step that many will skip.
  • LATERAL RUN OUT CHECKED – New or resurfaced rotors are checked for lateral run out when attached to the hub. The term Lateral Run Out refers to when the rotor, while spinning, is not perpendicular to the wheel causing it to wobble. This causes extra wear on the rotor and will be accompanied by pedal pulsation.
  • PARTS ARE LUBRICATED – We lubricate all metal to metal parts to ensure a quiet braking system.  Again, something not everyone does.
  • CALIPERS AND WHEEL CYLINDERS ARE READJUSTED – Brake pedal is gently pumped to get the calipers readjusted and any remaining air out of the braking system.  Pumping too fast during this step can damage the master cylinder.
  • WARRANTY IN WRITING – We warranty our brake jobs to be trouble free for 12 months or 12,000 miles.  We only use the finest brake system components, and we are so confident in them that we back every brake job we do with this guarantee.

Our Commitment To You & Your Brake Repair

Here at Uncle Al’s Auto Service and Car Repair, our team of highly trained professionals is well versed in all types of front and rear brake replacement and repair. Your safety is our number one priority. We guarantee the job done right the first time. We encourage any questions, comments or concerns. We are looking forward to serving you.

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