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In 2001, the Duramax diesel engine debuted as the product of an intense collaboration between GM and Isuzu. This engine offered in mid-size GM trucks, quickly became popular for its fuel efficiency, reliability, and performance. Although the Duramax diesel engine is solid overall, problems can arise that will require the service of a seasoned professional. For expert GM Duramax Engine repair that you can count on, Uncle Al’s Automotive is here to serve the Oregon City, West Linn, and Clackamas, OR areas.

One known problem with Duramax diesel engines is injector failure. Bosch injectors were part of the Bosch fuel system in Duramax engines manufactured 2001-2004. Unfortunately, the Bosch injectors fail frequently. There are three major warning signs of injector failure for Duramax diesel engines which include:

    1. White smoke coming from tailpipe: This is a result of fuel leakage into the combustion chamber. Most people notice the white smoke while the engine is on idle. Scanning the engine’s injector’s balance rate will reveal the rates per cylinder to provide information on where the faulty valve is located.
    2. Fuel dilution in the engine oil: This is a result of fuel leakage into the crankcase. Fuel leakage into the crankcase is often times caught when the leakage is already overwhelming as typically the engine will run without problems long before the issue is known.
    3. Hard start condition when engine is hot: This is a result of engine heat causing the crack in an injector to widen resulting in the loss of fuel pressure. Many folks report their engines starting up just fine when cold, then when stopping for a short time being unable to restart a hot engine.

Injector Replacement Duramax Diesel Engines

The GM Duramax engine has a strong reputation in the industry however injector failure is extremely common. Replacing injectors is no small job because of where they are located under the valve cover within the engine. If you are encountering injector failure for more than one injector, it may be in your best interest to get them all replaced at one time. On average, the cost to replace injectors including the labor is roughly $350 per injector. The job itself can take up to 12 hours and should only be conducted by a seasoned Duramax diesel engine professional.

Expert GM Duramax Diesel Engine Repair

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