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Uncle Al’s Automotive Services is a qualified and certified DEQ repair facility. Our methods and products are up to DEQ standards, making us one of the few automotive shops in the area that has you covered for emissions repair problems with your car. We will provide you with the necessary servicing and parts that will pass the DEQ test. Don’t let your car be an emission menace out on the road- it is harmful to the environment and the air we breathe.

DEQ Test Service

Upon renewing your car’s registration tags, you will need to have an emissions quality test performed. This will ensure that your vehicle is not polluting the air over the legal limit. In the Portland area, all vehicles from 1975 to present must undergo such a test. It will measure the harmful output from gasoline that is emitted into the air. The DEQ test aims at limiting the smog and carbon monoxide levels produced by vehicles. This works to improve the health of the environment by protecting it from carbon monoxide saturation.

How to Pass the DEQ test

As a DEQ-certified emissions repair facility, Uncle Al’s Automotive Services makes sure that you will pass the DEQ test without error. Uncle Al’s Automotive Services has been serving the Gladstone area for over ten years. We have become a leader among certified DEQ repair facilities thanks to our qualified technicians, affordable pricing, great customer service, and our loyal patrons. Serving the community is our most enjoyable and important task- we look forward to helping you with your DEQ qualifications.

Driving your vehicle around without complying with DEQ qualifications can land you in some hot water with the department of emissions. The penalty of such an act can hit you with a large fine, or delay your vehicle registration. It is best to take the test and pass it the first time.

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