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What is a radiator and why is it important for my vehicle?

A radiator keeps your car engine cool through a heat exchange process. It is one of the most important parts of your engine’s cooling system as its purpose is to cool the extremely hot coolant that circulating through your car’s motor  to keep it from getting too hot and causing severe damage. It is made up of an aluminum fins system and tubing used to carry the coolant throughout your motor. A properly functioning radiator allows your vehicle’s cooling system to operate efficiently ultimately preventing engine failure.

How does a radiator in a car work?

As the hot coolant circulates through the radiator from the engine, a fan blows cool air through the radiator, allowing the heat to transfer from the coolant and out of the car engine. This action keeps your engine at the proper temperature for operation.

How do I know if I need a new radiator?

There are a few indicators that point to the need for a new radiator. If you can see water or coolant leaking from your vehicle, you should get your cooling system inspected,  cooling systems are a closed system and any leaks are a sign of trouble. Rust showing up on or around your radiator is also a sign you may need a replacement.

Any time your car overheats you should have your car checked immediately to prevent any further damage from occurring to your engine and its cooling system. Your radiator may also become blocked or clogged with gunk and dirt which may cause a lack of performance. Regular cooling system maintenance such as inspections and radiator flushes can help prevent your radiator from failing due to dirt buildup.

What type of radiator services do you provide?

We provide radiator sales, repairs, maintenance and installation services.

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